is created to provide you with useful and trusted reviews that take our team countless hours testing on Mac uninstallers available in the market. We'll help you choose the best Mac uninstallers for your needs so that you don't have to. A dedicated, lightweight, effective, all-around Mac uninstaller is an essential tool for your macOS devices. However, finding the best around with the most cost-effective pricing can be challenging for everyone, not to mention that the industry is riddled with false promises and shady businesses. Some Mac uninstallers claim to effectively clean up the unwanted app, but only the older versions. Some Mac cleaners pretend to be a superhero to do everything but lack the capability for thorough removal, unlike dedicated Mac uninstallers. Some are free, but loaded with ads or causing other privacy concerns. The Mac utility market is full of solutions claiming to be the most powerful, the most secure, the fix-everything mighty cleaning tool, or the best around. However, Mac cleaners are usually not needed, and they could cause more trouble as most of the cleaning they offer is deleting important data you and your Mac depend on. To save you time and hassle, our team of IT professionals and Mac power users have reviewed dozens of utilities with app removal capability to determine which ones are the best overall. And we think the best option for most people is App Uninstaller, developed by the award-winning, which is not only powerful, lightweight, and trustworthy but also update-to-date and most cost-effective.

How we rated

Thorough app removal

The core capability determines how well the Mac uninstallers are built to completely remove the unwanted apps and associated files.

Up-to-date app detection

With new apps and newer versions of the apps released every day, Mac uninstallers should have the capability to detect and remove them.

Intuitive, lightweight & simple to use

The workflow should be intuitive and simple to use for everyone to operate without any hassle. And it should be lightweight to run without bogging down your running Mac.

Safe removal process

Many Mac uninstallers claim to be a superhero to fix everything. Some even accidentally delete critical files you and your Mac need. You need a safe removal process enforced.

Privacy matters

Some app vendors are not shy to collect and transfer data from your device without your consent, especially the freeware that takes your data for granted.

Cost-effective pricing

The price should be fair, and the cost to own a device utility should be cheap, affordable and no recurring charge.

Our team of professionals is taking real-life testing on all the major Mac uninstallers, and we've put together a list of the best Mac uninstallers below. Our top choice is App Uninstaller by

Our pick

App Uninstaller

The best-in-class Mac uninstaller you've ever needed

App Uninstaller, developed by, checks a lot of boxes for a dedicated Mac uninstaller that excels at both the fundamentals and seamless experience. It can effectively and completely remove unwanted apps, either new versions or older versions, and associated files intuitively and reliably, all in one place. During our testing of using App Uninstaller to delete more than 1,000 macOS apps, it is proven to be the best-in-class removal and safe to use without any accidentally deleting situation. Plus, the pricing is the most cost effective and affordable for anyone. You purchase once, and own it forever, including updates, upgrades, and tech support without charges.



The all-around and best budget Mac uninstaller

The Texa-based uninstaller is one of the best tools built to remove both macOS apps and Windows apps without any trace. The app's user interface is good but not as good as App Uninstaller. Except for the UI thing, whose experience is various among users, it does get the job done very well. It is also lightweight to run without bogging down your Mac. The pricing is also a one-time purchase, allowing you to get everything needed for one payment. Once you purchase, you'll be allowed to access their Mac uninstaller as well as Windows uninstaller. It will be more cost-effective if you also want to use it on Windows PC.

User's Choice 2023

Osx Uninstaller 2023

The powerful and up-to-date app removal capability

Osx Uninstaller 2023 is the go-to Mac uninstaller for professionals and reviewers for thorough app removal. With this little yet powerful tool, you can get rid of any unwanted app, even the newly released apps, in just a few clicks. The app removal capability is always up to date and allows you to perform the app removal in a blazing fast fashion. Plus, the one-time pricing plans enable you to receive updates, major upgrades and technical support for lifetime.

The top Mac uninstallers to remove unwanted macOS apps

  1. App Uninstaller - Our top Mac uninstaller recommendation. Developed by the renown app vendor by, it is effective, fast and reliable to completely remove all the files of the unwanted apps. It is affordable and one-time purchase with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  2. UninstallService - The best value desktop uninstaller for both Mac and Windows PC. It does everything you need to get the job done without any hassle. If you have extra devices running on Windows PC, they include a solid Windows uninstaller without charges.
  3. Osx Uninstaller - One of the first and best Mac uninstallers in the industry. With powerful and up-to-date app removal capability, Osx Uninstaller has been the favorite Mac uninstaller by Mac experts and reviewers worldwide. It has been awarded as User's Choice for Best Mac uninstaller.
  4. Uninstallor - It works very well to delete unwanted apps completely. Though the app detection capability is not great as App Uninstaller and UninstallService, the on-demand support is fast and resolved support issues effectively within 3 days.
  5. MacRemover - It has been around 10 years since the first release, one of the first Mac uninstallers introduced for Mac. It is the most compatible uninstaller and works on most Mac operating systems back from Mac OS X to the latest macOS Ventura. That means you can run it on almost every Mac. It does the removal job well, however, the support is not responsive like App Uninstaller and UninstallService, with 3-days TAT.
  6. CleanMyMac - Bloated with aggressive functions to clean up your Mac's files and apps and claim to speed up your device. After our hands-on testing, it is not the ideal solution to completely delete the unwanted apps and associated files, as it bogs down your Mac and includes a very mediocre removal capability, compared with dedicated Mac uninstallers.

The Best Mac uninstaller to Use on your Mac in-depth Analysis - Tested & Reviewed

App Uninstaller

App Uninstaller by is the best Mac uninstaller

It is the most powerful, effective and fast Mac uninstaller built for complete app and associated files' removal. The price is fair, affordable and one-time charge. It is our #1 rated Mac uninstaller.

Pros Cons
Most powerful and thorough app removal capability No free trial
Best leftover cleaner
Lightweight to run
Modern and simple to use
Affordable one-time price
30-day money-back guarantee
Fast and responsive support

The top-tier macOS uninstaller will completely and successfully delete all.dmg, .mpkg, and .pkg packages so you can have the finest Mac device experience ever. Powerful and complete Mac app removal using the most advanced uninstaller and top-tier on-demand direct developer assistance. App Uninstaller is a more effective and speedier removal tool designed to completely remove any macOS app, together with any related files, startup items, and other remains.

Top Features of App Uninstaller

  • Easily delete macOS software with the .dmg, .mpkg, and .pkg extension.
  • The undesired app, any connected files and entries at the Login Items, as well as any remaining files, are successfully and entirely uninstalled.
  • A powerful leftover cleaner has been added to more efficiently find and remove leftover files, end and disable processes that are currently active in the menu bar and other areas, and resolve compatibility difficulties when installing apps.
  • The Software Uninstaller program is consistently updated with the newest macOS app releases.
  • Over the course of ten years, solutions have been timely updated, refined, and enhanced.
  • Support for Premier Custom Uninstall is promptly handled and fixed by developers.
  • $29.95 one-time charge. Lifetime updates and upgrades, lifelong support, and lifetime access. backed by a 30-day money-back warranty.

With its award-winning removal tool and direct developer assistance, App Uninstaller is the all-in-one removal solution for macOS programs. The user-friendly yet strong uninstaller makes it simple to complete the task right out of the box.

Additionally, you can depend on their developers' on-demand help for anything to completely remove unwanted software from your Mac device, clear up disk space, speed up startup, and optimize performance all in one location.

Their Leftover Cleanup is committed to quickly and efficiently identify and remove earlier versions of the apps you've previously tried to delete.

With the helpful toolkit App Uninstaller, you can manage all of your installed apps more effectively and get a clear view of their state. To reduce the possibility that your hardware resources are used without your permission, you can, for instance, sort a list of apps that have been inactive for a long time, apps with large file sizes, or apps listed in the Login Items section, and then thoroughly remove all of them, giving you the satisfying experience according to the capabilities of your present gadget.

App Uninstaller’s Solution

The All-in-one solution includes everything you require to completely delete the undesirable app, associated files, and startup items, clean up remnants, recover disk space, resolve installation issues, and improve the performance of your Mac device.

Simple and intuitive removal workflow

Despite its inherent strength, the Uninstaller removal app is incredibly user-friendly for everyone. The undesired app and its associated files can easily be deleted in a few simple steps. The general user interface and the removal procedure are native and instantly recognizable to you if you've used other macOS programs, giving you the best experience you've ever had with any of the best Mac apps on the market.

To efficiently look for and remove all leftover things and correct installation issues, use a lightweight, supercharged leftover cleaner

The specialized leftover cleaner is designed to find, shut down, and remove all the leftover objects, including files on your device's drive, entries in the Login Items area, and active processes on the menu bar and other locations.

This convenient feature is very helpful for you to completely remove the unwanted app, fixing the old-versions compatibility issues that prevent you from installing or upgrading apps. The standard drag-into-trash operation helps if your system is not functioning as expected, and you have no idea where to find these leftovers.

The most recent app upgrades, releases, and associated files are completely removed by the premier uninstall engine thanks to ongoing polishing and updating

For the past ten years, they have been putting a lot of effort into polishing current features in addition to developing new ones. The core removal functionality of the App Uninstaller is continuously updated to completely remove the majority of macOS apps available on the market as well as the most recent macOS app releases.

They have a dedicated team to track, analyze, and add these latest macOS app releases into the pattern identification function of their core removal engine, so it can easily discover and remove them entirely.

The top-notch technical assistance from their developers for all of your Custom Uninstall requirements, wherever and at any time

Although the App Uninstaller removal app has been thoroughly tested and found to be reliable and effective to remove the majority of macOS apps for major macOS devices, in rare cases, it can't remove the unwanted app because it might not have been added to their identification system.

In these cases, you can always contact them for a custom uninstall fix, which will be directly supported by their developers. They will get back to you as soon as there is a solution before a new version is released.

Lifelong support and access to a one-time charge

As a privately held and family-run software utility company, App Uninstaller strives to provide one of the most reasonable and economical options for everyone throughout the year.

They value perseverance and fair pricing for all. Access to the App Uninstaller removal app, updates, and future upgrades are all included in the one-time payment.

You will also receive lifetime support for both standard technical assistance and Custom Uninstall help. There aren't any additional costs or recurring bills.

More than 50,000 macOS apps, whether they are the newest releases, updates, or legacy versions, can be completely removed with App Uninstaller, including the well-known ones mentioned below:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Corel Painter
  • QuarkXPress
  • Adobe Acrobat DC
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Adobe Zii
  • Autodesk Flame
  • Cyberlink PhotoDirector

App Uninstaller is a powerful tool designed to help you quickly and easily restore your Mac's productivity by completely erasing unwanted apps and any associated files, efficiently clearing up leftovers, freeing up disk space, resolving install issues, and improving your Mac's startup and running speed.


UninstallService is the best budget Mac uninstaller

It is one of the best Mac uninstallers, and works very well to get the job done for you without any hassle. The price is also cheap and flat one-time. Besides, you can get the solid uninstallers for both Mac and Windows PC with one purchase.

Pros Cons
One of the best app removal capability No free trial
Lightweight to run without any clutter
Ease of use and intuitive
Cheap, flat & one-time price
30-day money-back guarantee
Direct developer support
Include Mac uninstaller and Windows uninstaller for one price

The best-in-class uninstaller and expert support are the foundation of the market's most comprehensive solution.

UninstallService is built with a combination of an all-in-one toolkit and best-in-class technician support. It offers the most efficient and satisfying uninstall experience you can ever get with desktop devices. It is designed to work well and has full removal capabilities for both Windows and macOS apps.

Top Features For UninstallService

  • Access for life to UninstallService Uninstaller.
  • Upgrades and frequent updates.
  • Access to 24/7 tech support for life.
  • Prices that are fixed and one-time only.
  • The Complete App Uninstaller for Windows and Mac Devices.
  • Premium lifetime direct technician support.
  • Access custom fixes on demand -The best support option for a speedier problem fix is a tailored fix. Before they formally release a new version of UninstallService Uninstaller for all customers to update, their developers will first construct a new version for you to fix your problem, if a confirmed solution is available.

The Errors & Issues

The typical method of uninstalling software leaves behind remnants and even leaves the program running, which takes up disc space and causes slowdowns and issues.

The majority of desktop applications are published and made available through installers with.exe extensions for Windows devices and .dmg or .pkg extensions for macOS systems. And the standard methods of utilizing the built-in uninstaller for Windows or shifting the app from Application into Trash for macOS should be sufficient to remove the software and any related files.

Common Windows Program Uninstalls Problems
  • Programs like Google Drive and Google Earth can't receive updates or upgrades because they already have an installed copy of the software or because the installation file is corrupt.
  • The unwanted applications are not listed in the control panel's “Uninstall a Program” and “Apps & Features sections”.
  • The uninstall button for the unwanted program is either hidden from view or isn't accessible in the Apps & Features section.
  • Due to a previous installation or an incomplete uninstallation, certain apps, including antivirus software and Discord, cannot be installed.
  • The unwanted app is not completely removed, leaving behind files, services, and other things that take up a lot of disc space.
  • After a careless error during the manual uninstalls procedure, the Windows system can no longer be logged into.
Issues With macOS App Uninstall
  • The undesired software was removed by dragging it into the Trash from the Applications menu, but it is still running actively everywhere.
  • The installation of the app cannot continue because it states that the app is incompatible with apps that cannot be located to be deleted.
  • After going through the typical removal procedure, the undesired program can be seen in the Login Items area of Preferences as well as other sections.
  • The unnecessary app's residual files can be located anywhere, including in the menu bar and applications, and they take up valuable disk space.
  • The speed of your Mac is getting slower and slower due to clutter. The menu bar is currently clogged with numerous unidentified programs, and apps are coming up constantly signing in without permission.

Solutions Offered by Uninstallservice

Bring your device's functionality and stability back all at once

You can handle all apps properly right out of the box with UninstallService because its a simple and easy process. The feature-rich package is designed to delete any residual files and settings, terminate and stop running apps, fix installation issues, and give you full access to your device again.

Directly benefit from the positive support experience of outstanding developers

UninstallService provides lifetime priority support. Through the premium 1-day response from developers, you will get rapid assistance to address the most pressing issues. Their developers hang around in some private areas of their community forum, where you will have access to ask them any questions you may have, and they will be more than pleased to assist you.

Get customized fixes to tackle the issue more quickly and easily

In order to fix the particular problem you've asked for, a custom remedy entails hard programming fixes into a new UninstallService Uninstaller. If a special patch is required, their in-house developers will ascertain this and, if so, send you the updated version prior to making it available to other users.

They base everything on privacy and security

At UninstallService, your security and privacy are their top priority and the foundation of their development. Other than the information needed to make sure their service is available to you, neither you nor your device is being tracked for anything sensitive.

There is no personal information saved about you or your device aside from the email address you use to sign up to UninstallService and the Uninstaller log you give to their engineers for troubleshooting.

Additionally, you won't be disturbed in any manner by packages or pop-up advertisements. You are the host of your data, and your device and you are both anonymous.

Lifetime access, updates, and support are included in a reasonable one-time price

The pricing options for UninstallService is one of the most economical service license plans available today, making them accessible to anyone. To continue using everything UninstallService offers, the UninstallService app, updates & upgrades, and the devoted developer support, there is a set price that must be paid upfront. There aren't any extra costs or fees that get added on later.

UninstallService is designed for comprehensive app removal, reclaiming drive space, restoring system bootup speed and performance, and improving system stability. It is loaded with the combined strength of a top uninstaller and support. In addition, there is a single fee and lifetime access and support.

UninstallService is a community-based program with a wealth of solutions that have undergone ten years of continuous feature and bug improvement. With a few clicks, you may totally remove any undesirable apps. It is designed to thoroughly uninstall any software and fix issues where some apps cannot be removed because of damaged or corrupted files. It is lightweight to operate. To easily remove the undesired app and any remains, use the all-in-one uninstaller.

Osx Uninstaller

Osx Uninstaller 2023 is the user's choice for Best Mac uninstaller

Whenever our editors and other reviewers need to completely clean up some apps not currently used or rarely used, Osx Uninstaller always come to mind at the first place. It performs the app removal job very well, just like an old friend.

Pros Cons
Powerful and up-to-date app removal capability No free trial
Lightweight and fast to run
Simple to use and intutive
Cheap, flat & one-time price
30-day money-back guarantee
Lifetime support
Updates and upgrades at no cost

Osx Uninstaller 2023 is the go-to Mac uninstaller recommended by our editors. It works like a charm to complete the app removal job without any hassle. In our test, it can remove any app, either legacy or latest versions, in a very fast fashion.

Intuitive and simple to use workflow

Built with you in mind, Osx Uninstaller 2023 allows you to perform the app removal in 3-step operations. First, you choose the app to be removed, review the scanned items and then remove them completely.

Always optimized and up-to-date core removal capability

The app removal capability is one of the best ones we've tested. You can get rid of any apps, either legacy or latest versions.

One-time cheap pricing

It is expensive to use subscription-based apps. Osx Uninstaller offers one of the most cost-effective pricing plans, allowing you to receive lifetime license, free updates & upgrades at price of one.


Uninstallor is the modern Mac uninstaller with premium support

It works great to delete any unwanted app completely, though not as good as App Uninstaller. With outstanding support, you can get your problems resolved very fast. It is also cheap and one-time charge, getting both Mac and Windows uninstaller for one purchase.

Pros Cons
Good app removal capability No free trial
Modern and intuitive interface Some versions of the unwanted apps can't be detected
Affordable one-time price
30-day money-back guarantee
Mac uninstaller and Windows uninstaller included

Have you been struggling to remove and uninstall software on your machine? Are there leftover lag files from incomplete uninstalls? Are some apps just causing you a headache when it comes to deletion? Do you keep uninstalling an app only to see it pop up again on your menu?

Uninstallor is the go-to tool for completely removing any unwanted apps and bloatware from your PC and Mac. It combines a state-of-the-art uninstaller with specialized software and a premium service team. With specialized apps and on-demand technicians, you can remove any unwanted apps and bloatware right from the box.

To access the software, the system requirement for Version 1.1.2 is access to any Windows 7 operating system or later versions or a macOS 10.11 and later versions.

Common Desktop Issues

The majority of desktop users, whether they use a PC or a Mac, share a number of problems. Some of these are easily solved by Uninstallor and they include queries like:

  • Why can't the unwanted program in your PC and Mac devices be totally removed?
  • Want to entirely delete the software from your Mac but don't know how to uninstall it?
  • The undesired apps leave behind too many files and associated entries, which slows down the efficiency of your OS.
  • Want a more user-friendly and better manager because you're frustrated with the one on your PC or Mac?
  • Having difficulties getting the pre-installed OEM bloatware off your computer?
  • Is it difficult to identify or fully remove the mysterious toolbar or browser plugin?

Top Features of Uninstallor

Straightforward & Intuitive

Uninstallor is incredibly user-friendly, clear, and contains comprehensive software information.

Delete Unnecessary Apps

The internal staff at Uninstallor has more than ten years of experience in app analysis and development. One of the biggest program databases is that of The Uninstallor, which makes it possible to uninstall any undesired app right out of the box.

With one of the largest app databases and a highly-engineered removal capability that is constantly improved to combat newly released programs, the Uninstallor app can successfully and totally remove the majority of programs from Windows PC & Mac, including stubborn crapware and unpleasant toolbar.

Remove All OEM Bloatware

The OEM bloatware on your Windows PC can be explicitly and thoroughly removed using the built-in Uninstallor for bloatware.

Individual Fix for Particular Removal

If Uninstallor was unable to remove the unwanted software or bloatware, you can contact them via live chat or ticket. They will respond to the inquiry and present a customized repair within 5 working days.

Ad Hoc Remote Assistance

Live chat and ticket assistance are available with Uninstallor for Pro/Business package subscribers. If necessary, you may also ask them to address your issue remotely via Teamviewer with your consent and a scheduled time.

How Uninstaller Works

  • To remove a specific unwanted app from Windows PCs and Macs, use the Uninstallor.
  • Follow the uninstall wizard in Uninstallor to pick, view, and delete the undesirable app or bloatware.
  • If necessary, send a support ticket or live chat request for a tailored removal.
  • Ask the Uninstallor technicians to remove something remotely.

The Benefits of Using Uninstallor

  • It is a state-of-the-art Uninstaller for Mac and Windows.
  • Support for Custom Removal for Specific Apps.
  • Access to Professional Technicians for Remote Support.
  • Get updates for Your Current Subscription, without any limits.
  • Comes with an App Uninstaller's Guide.

Uninstallor Pricing Plans

All pricing tiers are included with a lifetime license under this exclusive sales deal and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Basic Plan

Pay $29.95/lifetime and get access to:

  • 1 machine license for your Uninstallor.
  • Lifetime access & frequent updates.
  • Uninstaller tools for Windows & Mac.
  • Access to two custom fixes yearly.
  • Ability to request remote fixes on demand - two chances.
  • Access to a lifetime live chat and ticket support.
Pro Plan

Pay a total of $49.95 for lifetime access to Uninstallor. This plan features:

  • Access to three machine licenses.
  • Lifetime access and frequent updates.
  • Uninstaller tools for both Windows and Mac.
  • Access to three custom fixes yearly.
  • Ability to request remote fixes on demand five times a year.
  • Access to a lifetime priority live chat and ticket support.
Business Plan

Pay only $199.95 to gain lifetime access. Features of this plan include:

  • Ownership of 20 machine licenses.
  • Lifetime access and frequent updates.
  • Uninstaller tools for both Windows and Mac.
  • Access to ten custom fixes yearly.
  • Ability to request remote fixes on demand ten times a year.
  • Access to a lifetime priority live chat and ticket support.

In case you need a custom plan specific to your needs, you can contact them via live chat or the support ticket.

Customer Support

After purchasing the subscription plan of your choice, if for any reason you would want to cancel your plan then the plan can be canceled at any moment.

In case you are unsatisfied with their services you are liable to receive a full refund within 30 days. Uninstallor is a pay-as-you-go year subscription service, so partial refunds for wasted months are not possible.

For any queries or requests, you can contact their customer service personnel via live chat or by submitting a support ticket. For users who have encountered one of the numerous common problems, they are advised to set up a personalized fix request and a remote help appointment.

The App Uninstaller's Guide

On the Uninstallor website, they have provided tons of guides on how to uninstall specific softwares on your machine. The app Uninstaller guide covers a variety of subjects, including:

Guides on how to fully uninstall:

  • PowerISO
  • Steam
  • VLC media player
  • Panda Dome Antivirus
  • Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus
  • Avira Antivirus
  • Adaware Antivirus
  • AVG Antivirus
  • Malwarebytes

Also, the new version of Uninstallor features a number of exciting upgrades such as:

  • Control of light and dark color themes.
  • Ability to launch the app on startup.


MacRemover is the most compatible Mac uninstaller

One of the first Mac uninstallers with more than 10 years in the making. It works on every major OS from the oldest Mac OS X to the latest macOS 13 Ventura. The price is also fair and one-time. Though the uninstaller is not updating as fast as App Uninstaller to get rid of the latest released apps, it effectively completes the job of thoroughly get rid of most of the apps.

Pros Cons
Solid app removal capability No free trial
Most compatiable and work on most Mac devices Not detect some newly released unwanted apps
Very fast to run without any bogging down
Affordable one-time price
30-day money-back guarantee

MacRemover is one of the oldest Mac uninstallers and can be used on almost all Mac running operating systems from the antique Mac OS to the latest macOS. If you're still using an old Mac, this is one of the few choices you could have. It is lightweight, incredibly fast to run on every Mac (even the oldest one we've at our testing), feature-rich, and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


MacRemover Performance Boost

Boost you Mac’s speed by choosing and resolving any issues.

  • Free up RAM memory
  • Disable startup programs
  • Remove internet plugins
  • Disable browser extensions
  • Reindex spotlight
  • Reindex mail
  • Remove all heavy consumers
  • Perform a full system clean-up - Clean your Mac by choosing and deleting unnecessary files to create more space


  • Caches
  • Installation files
  • Downloads
  • Mail attachments
  • Language files
  • Screenshot files
  • Trash bin
Analyzing Disk Space

Manage disk space by viewing the files that use up a lot of space and deleting any that are unnecessary. Analyze files such as:

  • Archives
  • Documents
  • Pictures
  • Applications
  • Duplicate files
  • System files
  • Movie files
  • Music files
  • Home folder
HD clutter management

Determine the components that are slowing down your Mac's performance to check performance.

  • Clean up junk files - unneeded temporary support files
  • Eliminate unnecessary temporary support files and clutter in your files
  • Manage the storage of files that use up a lot of disk space such as user files

Premium Tools

You may perform a deeper Mac cleanup with MacRemover's additional Pro capabilities. They include:

Access to a Duplicate File Finder
  • Remove duplicates
  • Merge similar folders
  • Clear similar-looking photos
  • Organize duplicate content
An Analyzer For Your Disk Space
  • Analyze Mac disk space usage
  • Display largest files and folders
  • Delete old and unused files
Uninstaller & App Cleaner
  • Remove programs from your machine
  • Delete apps’ leftovers
  • Control startup programs and extensions
  • Ability to change default apps


Notarized by Apple

Apple has certified and notarized MacRemover, along with its PRO tools and helpers, as being secure and malware-free.

Offers Free Technical Support

Anytime you have a query, just get in touch with their support staff. Anytime you need assistance, they will be happy to provide so.

Guaranteed Frequent Updates

Every time a new macOS version is made available, it is continually improved. You can analyze the app's revision history.

Taking Care of Users’ Files

Prior to deleting particular system files and user objects, MacRemover provides a confirmation prompt to avoid accidental deletions.

Offer A One-time Payment

For only $29.95, you get the greatest Mac cleanup tool and additional specialized Pro features.

Special Offers

Educational Discount at 20% OFF

The educational discount program for MacRemover is open to students and representatives of educational institutions.

Corporate Discount

Get discounted pricing for orders of more than 10 licenses. Purchases of subscriptions can be done via payment processors including Visa, Paypal, and Mastercard.

CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac is the most user-friendly system cleaner for Mac users. It is very powerful with features such as a speed booster, health guard and system cleaner. You can clean up your Mac's system, and get rid of unnecessary programs, and malware. Apple has notarized CleanMyMac X as a malware-free program.

Clean Up Your Mac

Eliminate system junk

Allows you to delete hundreds of hidden cache files and remove all of the outdated baggage at once, including unused DMGs and unfinished downloads.

Remove bulky hidden files

Find large, long-forgotten files that were hidden away.

Visualize your storage with Space Lens

Using this program, an interactive map of your whole disk is created. Helps you to swiftly clear up space on a Mac and visually identify the biggest space-wasters.

Boost Mac Speed

Numerous maintenance tools

Your MacBook can now do anything with the number of tools at your disposal. Quickly release RAM memory from your Mac when it freezes. To improve the responsiveness of your apps, execute maintenance routines.

Complete Mac OS optimization

Find the applications that consume your memory resources and turn them off.

Clean Mac of Malware

It blocks malware designed for Mac OS.

The official Mac virus detection rating for CleanMyMac X is "Gold." They provide you with a live defense against malware, data miners, and recent browser hijackers.

Reclaim your Privacy

Delete tracking cookies to prevent online tracking by advertising. Delete private information like chat histories and browsing history.

Organize Your Apps and Extensions

Uninstall both known and unknown applications

Delete undesirable extensions, plugins, and programs in bulk and find unused apps that have been hidden for months. You could also reset an app however you wish.

Keep your apps fresh and updated

Everything has been updated, and you can see what was added in each update.

Pricing Options

CleanMyMac X features a free version that you can open, install and launch instantly. The premium edition is also available for purchase if you want more features. There are various subscriptions available and these include:

One-Year Subscription

For annual subscriptions, you can select from the plans below:

  • The plan for one Mac: $39.95.
  • Plan for two Macs: Spend $59.95 and save $19.95.
  • Plan for five Macs: Spend $89.95 and save $109.80.
  • One-Time Purchase Subscription
  • The plan for one Mac: $89.95.
  • Plan for two Macs: Spend $134.95 and save $44.95.
  • Plan for five Macs: Spend $199.95 and save $249.80.

Other Special Offers

  • Get a customized deal for more than 10 licenses.
  • Upgrades to CleanMyMac X are available for a 50% discount for users of earlier versions.
  • You can save 40% on CleanMyMac X if you currently use another of its products such as the Mac cleaner or antivirus.
  • Save more by using the coupon code.

Once you purchase a subscription of your choice, you are entitled to:

  • Immediate Activation.
  • Get a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Access to Secure payment encryption.

Lifetime deals

We've been updating this list of currently offering lifetime deals for macOS App Uninstallers. This list of uninstallers are confirmed by our staff to be valid and are back by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Some other information you might want to know

Why use macOS App Uninstaller on your Mac

macOS uninstaller is considered to be one of the most useful and essential tools for Mac devices. It is very challenging and demanding to completely get rid of the unwanted app and associated files manually. You'll have to exercise caution to locate the releated files and then delete them manually, otherwide, you might risk accidentally delete the data you want and your Mac depends on.

Mac Uninstallers Vs. Mac Cleaners

Mac Uninstallers are dedicated utilities built for app removal. With the core function specifically made to delete files of unwanted apps, most of the uninstallers are lightweight to run without affecting the performance of your Mac devices. However, Mac cleaners are packed with as many functions as possible to make them look attractive and notoriously aggressive for scanning files for removal. Thus, most Mac cleaners are running slow and bogging down your Mac very significantly. Furthermore, you'll have to put attention to the scanned files before deleting them, otherwise, your files will be forever gone without much notice.

Free Mac Uninstallers Vs. Paid Mac Uninstallers

We do not recommend using any of the free Mac uninstallers as they could pose serious privacy concerns. Freeware could be used to collect your data and use it for commercial and other unintended purposes. Plus, most of these tools are outdated and not maintained properly. We suggest you pick one of our recommended paid Mac uninstallers that suit your need. These paid tools are delivering the job as promised and charge a fair, flat, and one-time cost. And they're risk-free as the purchase is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What is 'Notarized by Apple'?

To distribute outside the official App Store and to be able to run on macOS devices, every macOS app has gone through the process of notarization, which is an automated scan by Apple for malicious coding, in an effort to ensure using apps on macOS more safe. However, the notarization is just the way Apple makes sure the apps to be run on macOS devices pose as few threats as possible and does not endorse these apps in any way. Most of Mac cleaners are using this notarization process to mislead users to believe this is the official endorsement of the app.